Posted on March 14, 2019


It’ll keep you on your toes, that’s for sure! Perhaps in this economy there is just too much pressure to provide “sheeple” for the court system to “shear”. Limited early bird tickets are on sale right now! In it, the cop can be heard and seen berating a man for not telling the officer immediately that he had a concealed carry permit and thus a concealed weapon, even saying at one point he should have killed the gun owner. Canton Council President Alan Schulman made a fool of himself at a Council hearing where he refused to address the issue but goes on to literally whine about the emails they’re getting from outside of Canton, Ohio.

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Threatening to shoot someone in the mouth, empty their.

Suffice to say – without any intent to trash you out – that I think your years as a cop make it just as unlikely for you to understand how much a guy like that scares me or some other citizen, thrfatens it is for us to understand your point of view. Yours Truly asks my buddy if he got his name ’cause I knew a state cop or two. I do policd that abolishing Proactive Policing has led to a rise in the crime rate in the U.

That guy is a criminal with ohhio uniform and a badge. Now I just got stressed up and sort of shut down and can’t manage to get anything done. Some have edited it substantially, some have added gun shots or other derogatory anti-government or anti-police officer content. Perhaps in this economy there is just too much pressure to provide “sheeple” for the court system to “shear”.


Bless all of you guys for your service to our country. YOU have grass Mine dies about 2 months ago. Those days, for the most part, are behind us. You want me to pull [my gun] and stick it to threeatens head?

He tells the man he should have pulled his glock and put ten bullets in his chest, that the man is too dumb to be walking around, that he should have caved in his skull, that he will pull him over and arrest him anytime he sees him in the future, cuffs him for a felony, and more.

They now use real M’s and clean them.

Ohio Cop Suspended After Cursing Out A Card-Carrying Gun Holder (GRAPHIC VIDEO) | HuffPost

He was out of control and you know it. The interesting thing to watch for is that if this spreads to other European countries cause it could very well get to the U. I would use that video for a lottery win law suit against the entire dept. It sounds a lot like Rodney King to me, but I’ll cl I haven’t followed it that closely. The police chief issued this statement: He is paorably 6 but will always be a “puppy”.

We believe that he is on administrative leave with pay or sick pay. There is no date scheduled for an actual trial at any time in the future. Go dig so ditches or something. I thanked him and wished him well.


Shotgun Turkey Shoots, Amherst Anyway, after the war was over and we showed those Ginneys in the Argentian Army the photos and told them how we got them, they shit their pants. Cecil B August 2, When he finally gets the sentence out, one of the cops goes absolutely crazy.

What evidence could they have found that would have proved soliciting? He held it up for the officer to see, and the officer said, “Why are you having that?

Not only is the old mule smarter than the hore but also smarter than most of the riders, because most hores would also stop at the edge, even though the rider couldn’t see the drop off like the mules rider, but the horse riders wouldn,t listen to htreatens the cantoon was telling them and push them streight on and off the cliff.

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We consider this unusual at this point. Yeah, I know what you mean about dogs. They always seem to be able to suck some money out of my pocket at the gun shows! They went to court insisting that 53 seconds had transpired between threztens time they engaged Ledford and the time he informed them, and that somehow this time frame justified arresting Ledford, putting him into jail, and charging him with a misdemeanor.