Posted on February 11, 2019


You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted September 17, L80T low and mid driver gasket! I recently pulled my JBL s from storage and installed them in place of the Goto. So, the stage was set for me to try the JBL and to see if it would be worthy performer. Register a new account.

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Pair of JBL 2490H 200 Watt 8 Ohm Midrange Compression Drivers

He found that the driver had a lot of typical titanium coloration and strong lock of colors in lower MF range. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It doesn’t sound right to me; seems way too high. Jid-range supposed to be low compression and that, with the big 3″ exits, are supposed to make them sound more “relaxed. However, my hope is that since JBL mid-rangs only lower MF driver then the HF ringing that is so annoying with fully titanium diaphragms will not be there.

As my Goto drivers are quite a bit more expensive than any of the above,I am not too worried about the cost differential between them.

As I use a tweeter I am not too concerned about HF extension above 10k. That will make a nice addition to your LaScala, it’s 44″x44″x40″D with driverand it barely made it from hz to 2.


As I said I am very afraid of a cold, steely bright sound.

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I wrote this on Audio Asylum some years ago: I’ve seen them and they look huge compared to the Klipsch K55 midrange drivers on my and La Scalas. What makes it even worse is that I just saw the post by B with the freq resp of the That mod-range not good. The large Elmar and Community drivers are out of questions.

Now, JBL has reportedly fully titanium diaphragm with I presume the titanium suspension. Back to Romy The Cat’s Home. All I could get from the Consumer distributors was a very curt “No”. However these are virtually unobtainable now and soundwise totally unknown to me.

As an interim measure I replaced the dias with SL dias and was totally bowled over by the detail retrieval and smoothness of the sound.

Pair of JBL H Watt 8 Ohm Midrange Compression Drivers | eBay

I recently pulled my JBL s from storage and installed them in place of the Goto. What drivers do you in the bass horn and how do you deal with the time alignment?

I found them somewhat coarse above 3kHz,somewhat smeared and lacking in detail. Mid range driver advice needed. Last edited by mafuta; at He has them listed under K2 S as far as I remember.


Results 1 to 15 of Posted September 16, Yes mie-range Monsieur Rame. There is also some contact information on line: Cogent would cover the range but they jbo too soft sounding for my taste and they are physically too long. Putting the coated Ti dia into the body would also work well and would be the equivalent of the used in the K2 BTW How did you mount the 2″ exit on your 1.

Mid range driver advice needed

I have read all the posts about these drivers on this forum,but need advice for this particular situation, i. Sign up for a new account in our community. He has the be drivers for sale right now at a very reasonable price. Of course it doesn’t mean they sound the same,but I would have known what to expect. There is not a lot of there.

Well, mid-gange is still compression driver, it is not the idiotic Kharma Ceramic drivers where more bass mean more excursion.