Posted on December 9, 2018


Hello You Please Sign In. Lifesaver 3 Day Delivery Available. Rewritable cards are ideal for visitor management or for loyalty card printing. Card security made easy and inexpensive Magicard’s exclusive HoloKote feature allows you to print a watermark with the Pronto printer without any added costs. Plus, the Magicard Pronto ID card printer driver allows you to fine-tune controls, such as image sharpening and coloring, to get the best results. The Pronto is widely used for the instant issuance of loyalty cards in-store.

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Print Volume This printer is not set up to meet daily, weekly or even monthly high-volume prints as each card needs to be hand fed into the machine. Loyalty and membership The Pronto is widely used for the instant issuance of loyalty cards in-store.

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer – Essentra Security UK

Elsewhere a minimum of 1 year limited depot warranty. Security is a top priority for many UK businesses and organisations, and the Pronto is the perfect solution. The new IDP Smart 51 card printer with advanced security magicadd and an unrivalled 5-year manufacturer warranty is now available at Digital ID.

The blue power switch and card feed are easily visible and located on the face of magicafd machine alongside the curves that showcase an ultra-robust card printer. What’s Included Pronto single-sided printer USB cable Power supply and power supply cable Printer driver CD 2 T-shaped cleaning cards 2 year printer warranty with 1 year printhead coverage.


Incredibly easy to use with drop-in dye film and hand-fed card loading. One of the smallest printers within our range measuring; length 27 cm, width Includes a free 6-month subscription to CloudBadging: Highlights Includes a free 6-month subscription to CloudBadging: When using the HoloKote peinter, the pattern of your choice is printed repeatedly across your card.

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer – Single-Sided

Please visit the glossary for more information. The Pronto prints to CR80 credit card sized cards and as mentioned earlier in the review, the printer can only print single-sided cards. Add a free 6-month subscription to CloudBadging: Anybody can print ID cards with a Magicard Pronto Power it up, install its easy to use driver, drop the dye film in and you are ready to go.

Lanyards View All Personalised Plain. Printer Interfaces USB rev1. A 2-year warranty cover and comprehensive telephone and online support come as standard with the Pronto. Choose from one of four template designs, and take images using a mobile or tablet device with use of the free EasyBadge app.

Pronto ID card printer

Optional magnetic stripe encoding The Magicard Pronto printer can be ordered with magnetic stripe encoding capabilities so that you can write data to your cards at the same time as printing, as be able to your cards for more than just photo IDs. Visitor Management Systems View All.


The Pronto is supplied with four predefined watermarks that can be easily selected from the printer driver. The appearance of the Pronto is basic.

Prints full color and monochrome images on PVC credit card sized cards. Print Speed The Pronto takes 35 seconds to print one full-colour card and around seven seconds to print a single-colour prknter. A choice of 4 fixed HoloKote patterns are selectable from the printer driver.

Sign into your Account. Select Yes, Include my free 6-month subscription to Cloudbadging No, Do not include a free 6-month subscription to Cloudbadging. Its UltraDriver printer driver is available in several languages and supports Printerr Windows. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer | Free UK Delivery | Digital ID

The overall print speed is significantly slower than other DTC models. Ease of Setup Setting up the Magicard Pronto is a simple process.

printrr Printer Specification Click here to download a copy of the Magicard Pronto printer specification. Size One of the smallest printers within our range measuring; length 27 cm, width Its portability and versatility comes with no compromise in print performance, making it ideal for remote ID card issuance at events or in the field.