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Package checklist 3 3. Integrate your Micros Fidelio Ho management system into your master. Three transparent lenses 2 for LED protection. User Guide en – To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. IOL -4 ma max.

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These symbols are used for the descriptions and details: Integrate your Micros Fidelio Ho management system ldj your master. Test the hands free reception 5.

DOSISYS. Hands Free Reader LDM LDM User Manual A – PDF

It provides access to: Description of the LDM power pack August w w w. It is possible then: Conforms to CE requirements 8. Verify that the status of the TOR output corresponds to the inverse of lmd status of the input. Programming and Using the Courier V.

Energize the three bi-color LED s 2. Identification and front face labels for the LDM A. Connect power to the reader LDM only.

Replace batteries with new ones with the same characteristics, see 8. Dosimeters S, X, XB. The antenna is attached to the printed circuit board, An automatic gain control provided by a programmable amplifier NA1A 5 pin male Connector J1 for the connection to the USB cable, A 14 22 male connector J15 gmp the analog inputs and outputs, A 14 pin male connector J16 for the reader configuration mode, Three bicolor diodes green and red for “Power”, “Access” and “Status” CR2, CR3 and CR4A label 2 glued to the enclosure front panel.


Clear wireless remotes knob: Operation in the Stand-alone More information.

Measure the battery voltage and transmit the voltage value to the PC for the LDM reader RS version CAG amplifier test Mode It is a mode designed to verify the proper functioning of the programmable gain amplifier used by the automatic gain control system Autonomous test Mode In this mode the reader continuously polls any dosimeter within range and send the data to the PC A. Seepage One or more of the following US patents may apply: No part of this document may be stored in a retrieval system, or More information.

Package checklist 3 3. Choose “Do not search.

Active output status is high-level 3,3 V A. Transactions, deliveries et cetera will be according to the general terms of delivery as deposited at the Chamber of Commerce at Meppel, The Netherlands. The symbol ” ldmm corresponds to the first level of detail.

CBRNE Tech Index Products

All operational and configuration parameters stored in the dosimeter memory myp both read and write functions. A series of three bi-color LED s inform users about the status of exchange sequences with the dosimeter.


Inactive status by default of the outputs is low 0 V. LDM Identification and presentation labels Copyright More information.

DOSISYS. Hands Free Reader LDM LDM 220. User Manual A

VOL 0,4 V max. Networking General networking Networking overview A network is a collection of devices such as computers, printers, Ethernet hubs, wireless access points, and routers connected together for communication. The specifications represent a particular hardware platform.