Posted on February 19, 2019


Here is how it is done in NoteWorthyComposer:. AFAIK a loopback transforms a target the loopback device itself to a source selectable as an input device, like a keyboard. I’ve tried it briefly now. I want to extend a Roland Editor by putting my program between the editor and the synth using MidiYoke. You need to carefully follow the directions for a successful driver update. Privacy policy About Tune Smithy Disclaimers. This page was last modified

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Saturday, August 27, Quick Tip: The first method was supported in previous versions: I’m just downloading it and installing it after removing the previous 1.

Virtual midi cable

If the rate exceeds the threshold, the driver sends an undefined controller out the input. An excellent choice for Vista or XP would be Loopbe1. I’ve never tried this myself, but if loopbafk is so, this is of course a “terminal” problem. Windows 95, Windows Midi Yoke Junction is easy to install on XP if you follow the right link on its download page ignore the pictorial instructions – but has an issue if you use it on XP with Giga, also needs UAC temporarily disabled to install it on Vista – see next section.


Check out this loo;back Regardless of whether we’re using Midi Yoke or LoopMidi ports.

I’ve tried it briefly now. This release fixes two items: These instructions are for Windows. Hi Royce, Thanks very much for the reference.

Has to be running to use it.

Koshdukai’s Music(al) Reason(ing): Quick Tip: Windows 64bit MIDI virtualization solution

In addition, the helper task Myoke. This seems to be really counterintuitive to people, but it’s the only way that it can work as a patch cable. I think you get the idea: Loopbe1 and other programs of its type imitate the hardware approach in software. During installation a configuration dialog is presented.

It is not as robust loopbac, the Windows 9x driver, is still Beta code and will not be supported — use at your own risk. Choose ‘ Have Disk ‘.

Virtual midi cable – Tune Smithy

When this happens, any MIDI message sent to mid output port is immediately routed back to the input port, which is then sent out the output port and immediately routed back to the yokd port After Windows forces an initial search, answer ‘ No, the device isn’t in the list ‘ and press [Next]. The timeout value after issuing a driver close has been reduced to 1 second from 3 seconds.


The driver has been renumbered to be different from the NT driver.

Using “IN from QuickShot” will always make sure mivi I’ll have the correct controller I want, as long I as update the virtual map configuration whenever I change the setup, which I normally do. If Windows NT finds this file it attempts to load it instead of the system one, and anomalies result.

MIDI Yoke is loopvack a normal driver! Recently ok, July of this year Ignore the other installation instructions on this web-site]. LoopBe1 has that option too in the paid for version of the program.

You need to carefully follow the directions for a successful driver update. All the best Royce. The second new method analyzes the rate of messages traveling through the driver. Windows 64bit MIDI virtualization solution.

To recover from any of these conditions, simply close all connections attached to both ends of the particular MIDI Yoke port.