Posted on November 27, 2018


The driver version installed is They can release another adapter to representatives so they can replace customers notebooks with another adapter model. After updating the driver fluctuation is now reduced. If not, give it a try. When running on AC power it was working fine, but when running on battery the wireless network was useless.

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The driver version installed is Try to install different wlan module drivers if there are any changes. And most of time i have speed of 12Mbps with 4 An531 lines. But they refused to that as said it will break the warranty.

I can watch the speed of both inbuilt and usb adaptor and the inbuilt is up and down while the usb is static at full speed. At first days I had purchased, it was connecting hardly and I needed to carry it to a nearer place to connect and after returning to the desk it either remained connected and working or got disconnected. Even if I could connect it had a awful signal and speed fluctuation.

I’ve put the N back in, and continue to use a USB wireless adaptor which is far more stable. At these times it is yet connected but for a few seconds no data is transferred. And then wifi worked perfectly. But my old notebook’s hardware is centrino and its wireless adapter is Intel Pro dont remember exact model number and I have no issue with my home wireless network.


Is this adapter poor totally? Seems Intel fhjitsu have issues with there hardware, the N card brings up a USB error about every 30 seconds, and the bluetooth aifi work.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH531 laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

After updating the driver fluctuation aah531 now reduced. After that now I can connect easily at my desk but it has the same fluctuations and sometimes every few minutes no data can be transferred for some seconds and then starts working again. Let me explain bellow.

I have bought a fuhitsu Lifebook AH a month ago and I have too many wonderful issues with its wireless adapter since I have purchased. It can go from over mbps to 40’s.

Fujitsu Lifebook Ah531 Wireless WiFi Card 11230BNHMW

The current version of my driver is Also copying fujitsh between my Lifebook and other PCs in the network is slow, It is notable that the bluetooth of the adapter is working well, I am using Windows 7 Professional and I am sure that there is no issue with my OS as I have reinstalled it many times.

On the fujitsu website there are two different versions and maybe also on the Intel Website itself.

I replaced the N card with the next card in the range the N this card allows 2. I have now installed the lated driver for my wireless adapter from Intel’s website. I took my notebook to the service representative and they replaced the wireless fujihsu. Also doing online speed tests very vujitsu results compared to the USB adaptor which gives consistant high results.


I’ve tried pretty much any fix I’ve seen mentioned, from disabling bluetooth which shares the adaptor, installing latest drivers and software, cleaning registry.

Fujitsu Lifebook Ah Wireless WiFi Card BNHMW | eBay

I can sit next to my router and the speed is up and down. First of all I thought this may be a visual bug fujitsh is normal but it really affects the performance of the network mostly when I want to transfer large files on the network which I have no issue with other wireless devices on the network. It’s a very common problem google N brings up no end of complaints. Fhjitsu various forums once again brought up many unanswered queries concerning the same problem.

Users browsing this forum: Also many times the ping time to my modem is about 30ms, 40ms or higher and even ms.

They can release another adapter to representatives so they can replace customers notebooks with another adapter model. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Also they say fjitsu fluctuation was exist with new card but it is normal as they can see such fluctuation on some other AH notebooks.